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Tips And Tricks For Your Ultrasound Appointment

Have you ever wondered “What can I do to help get a better picture of my baby?”. Well I’m here to help! Many ultrasound studios don’t always have the time to let their clients know the little tips and tricks they can do to maybe better their chances of having clear images of their little one.

First thing is to stay hydrated as much as you can, if you have made an appointment days in advance, take advantage of that time and drink up mama. Drinking 8-12 cups of water each day is the recommended amount, and increasing your intake between 2-4 glasses if it’s hot outside is ideal. Now the reason why we recommend staying hydrated is because it helps form the amniotic fluid (the fluid that the baby is surrounded in).

Second tip is to try and schedule your appointment around a time that you find baby is most active to ensure that your little one is awake. If baby is awake it’s sometimes a bit easier for the technician to make baby move or reposition if baby isn’t cooperating.

You can also eat or drink something that is cold, sugary or a little caffeinated about 10-15minutes before your appointment.

Doing these things won’t always ensure a perfect picture but it definitely helps.

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